Navient Lawsuit  The EEOC reported that it received 82

Navient Lawsuit  The EEOC reported that it received 82,792 job-bias charges from private-sector employment in financial year 2007, the very best number since 2002 and therefore the largest annual increase (9%) since the first 1990s. the foremost notable increases were for race (12%), retaliation (18%), age (15%) and disability (14%) discrimination.
If an employee experience employment discrimination or workplace harassment then he/she has the proper to travel for a legal resolve by means of employment discrimination lawsuit or claim. counting on the type of discrimination, the lawsuit are going to be called as followings:
1. Age Discrimination Lawsuit, 2. racism Lawsuit, 3. harassment or Discrimination Lawsuit, 4. Gender or Sex Discrimination Lawsuit, 5. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit, 6. Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, 7. Religious Discrimination Lawsuit, 8. Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit, 9. Workplace Harassment Lawsuit etc.
David vs. Goliath:
Mostly the legal battle between employment discrimination client plaintiffs and defendants is sort of a clash between David vs. Goliath. Workplace Harassment lawsuit cases are very complex to handle and to resolve and if it’s against a serious corporation their attorneys are going to be ready to delay lawsuit judgment for years. Even if, law is on your side, deep-pocket defendants can purchase time with legal ploys and delays, and maneuver to frustrate the plaintiffs. They exploit the cumbersome process of law.

Do I qualify for a Navient Loan Forgiveness or Discharge?

Navient loan forgiveness

The good news is, Navient’s request to dismiss the lawsuits which are pointed against them was denied. The Navient Corporation was claiming that States cannot control their business operations hoping to reject Navient lawsuit. What does that mean then? Well, it boosts the probability that Navient will eventually be forced to provide immense payouts to its harmed borrowers so you can get loan forgiveness. This indicates and makes clear that student loan servicers aren’t immune to the laws of the state and must be held accountable for their wrongdoings.

This is an outstanding piece of news which means we are going on the right path to receiving loan forgiveness. However, there is a small problem. The Education Department doesn’t accept Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge applications which are against Student Loan Servicing Companies. It means the optimal way to get Navient loan forgiveness by pursuing a case against them is no longer an option. What you can do is to apply one against your school.

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