Lychee Black Tea Benefits for Health

Looking for the foremost natural, simple and flavored tea ? Lychee black tea could also be the solution . This tea is one among the only , sweetest, naturally flavored black teas within the world. Learn what are the potential benefits and the way to brew an ideal cup of this delicious tea. Lychee became popular during Tang , quite 1000 years ago[1]. the precise origin of lychee tea isn’t known. It might be that it had been created when lychees and tea got mixed during the transport. Today, lychee tea remains very fashionable and widely available. Green lychee tea is additionally available and features a lighter and fresher flavor.

Lychee tea may offer quite just a delicious flavor. Numerous health benefits could also be linked to the present tea. tea contains polyphenols, caffeine, L-theanine and other compounds.

Black tea contains antioxidants, thearubin and theaflavin. Studies showed that they’ll provide high antioxidant activity, almost like tea . Antioxidants may help fight free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and protect the cells in our body[2]. High levels of free radicals and damaged cells cause many chronic diseases[3].

Lychee tea contains caffeine which will help boost your energy. Although levels are much less than during a regular cup of coffee, avoid it if you’re sensitive to caffeine or before sleeping time. To extract less caffeine, use cooler water and don’t over-steep the leaves.

Lychee Tea: What is It and How to Make One?
While the heat waves of summer drain our energy, it is the best time to enjoy many delicious fruits. Besides mangoes, strawberries, or watermelons, Lychee finds its way to our fruit consumption once the summer brings its sunny days. Some people living in warmer places are pretty familiar with this delicious and nutritious fruit, while others might have never heard of it. Lychee is a tropical fruit with reddish skin, white, grape-like flesh, and brown seed. The fruit can be used in many recipes, from desserts to Lychee tea variations, with its intense floral aroma and sweet taste.

In this guide, we will discuss two main types of tea that come to mind when we hear about Lychee tea. On the one hand, there is an iced or bubble tea with fresh fruit. On the other hand, black tea leaves scented with Lychee fruit’s peels or flowers is called “Lychee tea.” Do not worry; you will be an expert about both types of tea at the end of this article.

What is Lychee?
Lychee is a unique tropical fruit. People living in colder areas are usually unfamiliar with this fruit because it grows in warm places. Lychee natively grows in China, but it is common to find it in warm parts of the US and Hawaii. Visually, it looks like a tough strawberry because of its bumpy red skin. Therefore, in some places, Lychee is also called “alligator strawberry.” Though the skin looks tough, it is effortless to remove it. Under its husk, there is a thin, juicy white flesh. It might remind people of grape flesh, but Lychee is much more sweet and fragrant. In the middle of the fruit, there is a large brown seed.

Lychee is ripe between spring and summer. When it grows enough, its seed can easily be removed. The fruit can be used in salads, drinks, and desserts. People who try Lychee for the first time claim that its taste is between strawberry and watermelon, because it’s juicy and sweet. Others say that the fruit reminds them of rose water as the flesh has a strong floral aroma.

How to Use Lychee?
When it comes to tasting Lychee fruit, one needs to be careful. As its flesh is gentle, you would not want to be fierce and waste all the tasty juice in it. First, try to remove the skin with your thumbnail gently. If you are eating it directly, you can put the fruit with its white flesh to your mouth and spit the brown seed. For making salads or tea, you need to divide the fruit into half like an avocado. Once you get the first half quickly, you need to dig your finger a little to get the second part and throw the seed. When the fruit is ripe, it requires less effort.

Lychee Tea
There are some different conceptions when it comes to Lychee tea. On the one hand, there are tea recipes that involve the actual fruit. In these cases, the drink is looking similar to any other fruit tea or lemonade. In other cases, Lychee tea is the shortened version of Lychee black tea. Some tea producers scent the tea leaves with Lychee peels. As a result, they produce black tea with a fruity aroma. In this guide, we will talk about both Lychee tea options and provide recipes and instructions for them.

Lychee Iced Tea
One of the refreshing beverages for summer can be Lychee Iced tea. Its preparation is like any other iced tea. First, brew two tea bags with two cups of hot water for ten minutes and then take out the bags. In another cup, mix a quarter cup of sugar and hot water to prepare simple syrup. You need to keep stirring it until sugar dissolves completely. Next, remove the red skin and the seed of the fruit as instructed above in how to use Lychee. You can divide the fruit into half or much smaller pieces to your taste. Lastly, add tea, syrup, fruit, and ice in one large pitcher to make delicious iced tea.

Lychee Bubble Tea
With its strong sweet aroma, Lychee is the perfect fruit for making some bubble tea. You can prepare this beverage at home or visit Bontea cafe to get one ready. First, you need to boil water in two different pots. We will use one to prepare the black tea and the other for boba pearls. It is enough to add four or five cups of water and then add the tea leaves. People can choose black, green, or any other type of tea to their preference. Once you add the tea leaves, turn down the heat to medium and wait for 4-6 minutes for the tea to brew.

In another pot, boil your tapioca pearls or boba pearls. You need around a quarter cup of pearls for one pot of water. It takes ten to fifteen minutes until the boba has the right texture. Sometimes, the packaging of the boba also has instructions for preparations. Hence, make sure to check it before cooking.

Next, remove the skins and the seed from a handful of fresh Lychee. It is hard to resist the delicious aroma of the fruit, but be patient until the tea is ready. Add the fruit and half a cup of Lychee juice into the blender and process it. Do not worry; the tea is almost ready.

Lastly mix the fruit, tea, and boba pearls. Depending on your taste, you can add brown sugar syrup and any creamer. If you do not want to purchase brown sugar syrup, you can make it at home by mixing some water and sugar. Then boil it while stirring and the syrup will be ready in a few minutes.

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